Wanted: Video of Cancer Patients/Survivors with Family/Friends

By Sal DelGiudice
I am a New York / New Jersey based film director and producer. I am currently working on a pro-bono music video for an independent musician, artist, and dear friend Werner Sommer.
The incredible and touching song that I am privileged and honored to work with, is called At All Times. The song was written and recorded by Werner at a time when his mother was battling cancer. It speaks of the love and support of family and friends while she was on her journey to combat this terrible disease.

My concept for the video is very simple. I’d like to inter-cut performance footage of Werner with real videos of cancer patients and survivors interacting with family and friends.

A mother playing with her children, a grandfather fishing with his grandson, a man playing cards with friends, a young boy playing baseball with friends…you get the idea…almost anything is acceptable as long as it features the cancer patient/survivor interacting with friends and family in a joyous, safe manner.
These videos will be filmed by you and emailed to me along with a release allowing us to use your image.
The message of this song is clear and poignant, you are not alone when battling this disease….you have your friends and family by your side every step of the way. This is the message we’d like to share and remind people, they’re not alone!

First step, please email us your name, city you reside and a brief note about your family and support system to At All Times Video @ gmail. com. We will then contact you regarding the filming of your video and how to send it to us.

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested in participating.
Ultimately, we’d like to complete this video early September so it’s available for viral distribution in October for Cancer Awareness Month.
Thank you for considering this project. I look forward to hearing from you.

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