Weekly Live Reading of Narcolepsy Book


Source: Project-Sleep.com

Beginning this Thursday, May 13 2021, Join author Julie Flygare for the FIRST-EVER online live reading of Wide Awake and Dreaming: A Memoir of Narcolepsy, who will go LIVE via her Instagram (@REMRunner).

“After I read the chapter, I’ll answer any questions you have live about that chapter & share a few fun behind-the-scenes insights and tips for writers and storytellers. I plan to continue reading a chapter each Thursday at 8pm ET until we finish the book!

“Of course, no worries if you cannot join live, I’ll save these to my Instagram TV so you can watch/listen for free anytime.

“And in case you want to follow along or gift the e-book to a loved one, to kick off this new little IG book reading adventure, the e-book/Kindle version is now just $0.99 cents on Amazon.com for ONE WEEK. The deal ends next Monday, May 17th, after which the kindle version returns to usual price of $8.99.”

“I’m so excited for this that I’ve already practiced reading chapter 1, and will probably practice a few more times by Thursday. I learned from recording the audiobook that READING is an art of its own.

“First FUN FACT to share: the audiobook took about three times as long to record as the final audiobook, (which is average for an author like me, aka NOT a professional voice actor person). So, it took 2.5 days to record in studio, stopping & starting countless times, as I made mistakes reading my own book.

“Also, I “trained” my voice for about 2 months leading up to that studio record, practicing 1-3 hours a day to be able to read for 7 hours straight each day without losing my voice. I hired a coach who helped me, i laughed when he said I needed to practice reading it out loud 1-3 hours a day but he wasn’t kidding…I have narcolepsy, that’s a lot of monotonous reading, so I broke these up into shorter practice sessions throughout the day, with many naps and breaks.

“So, am I ready to read this LIVE on IG?! I guess we’ll find out soon. Hope you’ll tune in Thursday & thank you for your continued support!”

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