What To Know About Telehealth Visits

Source: Patch.com New Jersey

In addition to being a more convenient option for receiving care, telehealth visits are also often more affordable than a traditional doctor’s visit, depending on what kind of care you are seeking. You might think that estimating what you’ll pay for a telehealth visit will be tricky, but prices for these virtual appointments are typically straightforward.

While telehealth technology has been around for years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in virtual care visits due to various policy changes that made it easier to provide and access telehealth options.

Similar to a Zoom call with co-workers or a video chat with family in another state, telehealth allows you to connect with a doctor using different technologies, including email, text, video chats and phone calls. Whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or on the go, a telehealth visit is very similar to an in-person visit. You can discuss your symptoms, get medical advice and even receive a prescription.

Prices for an online visit with a doctor vary depending on the condition you’re meeting to discuss, your insurance and the provider. While the cost of a telehealth visit can vary, visiting with a doctor virtually is often more affordable than an in-person visit.
GoodRx Care Puts Your Health First

With a full range of medical services, GoodRx Care is a telehealth option that allows you to visit and get professional medical help within minutes. This service can be used to help refill a prescription for certain medications, consult with a licensed healthcare professional about various health concerns, and even get prescribed a new medication if needed. GoodRx Care also offers multiple preventive care visits, including general visits, flu treatment and treatment to stop smoking.

GoodRx Care’s wide range of available services include, but are not limited to, acne treatment and prevention, pregnancy testing and metabolic performance analysis. Additionally, a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on visits ensures that you can book your appointment with confidence. The general cost of your virtual appointment with a specialist using GoodRx Care is $49.

Although telehealth prices outside of GoodRx do vary, patients can still find ways to save when using other services by using prescription drug coupons, like those offered by GoodRx, or insurance for their treatment.

If you are prescribed a medication during your telehealth visit, GoodRx can also help you compare prices and search coupons for prescriptions at thousands of pharmacies. To uncover these discounts, type the drug name into the GoodRx search engine or GoodRx app and you’re on your way to finding the lowest price.

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