2015 In Review: The Year’s "Jersey-est" Stories Part 2



When the Support Organization For Trisomy asked their patients and supporters to submit video of them jumping (with or without assistance), we jumped in with a compilation video of their efforts! Here are links to more of our most noteworthy stories of 2015:

HIV “Freedom” Isn’t Free. Badboy actor Charlie Sheen outed himself as having HIV, but at undetectable levels. Which does not compute — low HIV does NOT equate to no HIV — and certainly doesn’t excuse you from informing your sexual partners beforehand.

A woman mourning the death of her son received an anonymous note — that is,  an anonymous thank-you note.

When an underwear company decided to stop relying on models who were too skinny and too photo retouched, sales plunged — upward.

A Farm Grows Vertically In Newark — in a downtown former steel plant. But what are they going to use for sunlight, moisture, and fertilized soil?

Scientific proof that music has charms to soothe the savage breast: A mathematical formula has been calculated for creating perfect “feel-good” tunes, while a study discovered which musical genres best provide a healthy way to process anger.

Bad vaccine news: A 1-year-old turned up with measles in Jersey City. And there’s a children’s book about the joys of not being vaccinated against it. Its Amazon.com page features a medical disclaimer and customer reviews that make for far better reading than the book.

Good vaccine news: They’re helping a woman in Fort Lee with brain cancer, cigar smokers in Cuba with lung cancer, and patients in England with Parkinson’s disease. (Don’t forget to get your flu vaccine.)

A (Post-It) Noteworthy Story: A Philadelphia pizza shop owner came up with a way to ensure that he never forgets the years he spent as a hungry homeless vet.

The nation’s first community-based emergency medical response program has been born in Jersey City, consisting of trainees who can get to an accident scene even before the ambulance does.

Two Benefits in One: Guitarist Bobby Bandiera enlisted the help of former employers Jon Bon Jovi and Southside Johnny Lyon for two Hope 8 charity Christmas shows in one night. E Street Band drummers Max Weinberg and Vini Lopez turned the 40th anniversary of the Springsteen Born To Run album into a benefit for the CFC Loud N Clear Foundation. And CFC was also beneficiary of the Rock The Farm carnival and concert with Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan headlining. If you couldn’t attend, online donations are gratefully accepted.

Remember, we’re here to report YOUR New Jersey health, medical, fitness and nutrition news. Just click the blue box in the sidebar to get your events publicized. Thanks again for your support, happy holidays, stay healthy, vote wisely, and on to 2016!

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