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Sources: New Jersey Yoga Collective; SoMuchYoga.com

The aim of the New Jersey Yoga Collective is to be a resource for empowerment through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, karma, food and deep thoughts. We highlight, promote and show massive love to NJ yoga studios, feature events, showcase how local yogis are changing the world, share nourishing recipes with a focus on local ingredients and dig into the practice with asana breakdowns, meditation guides and thoughtful sequences from NJ’s best teachers.

We’ve seen unprecedented growth in studios, teacher trainings, workshops and events. Now it is time to see connection and community catch-up: Now it is time to support each other and take our yogic lifestyle to the next level, together.

If you’re avoiding yoga because you’re nervous about attending a class or you can’t shake that “first day of school” feeling, hopefully this guide can help you get your booty into a yoga class with confidence and enthusiasm.

I could tell you, “You have to do yoga for all of these reasons,” but that’s pretty pushy and that’s not what yoga is about. I can, however, share with you why you should give it a try:

Yoga boosts your self-esteem and body image, while improving your mood, because it increases serotonin levels in your brain.​

Yoga strengthens your arms, shoulders, core, thighs, and buttocks while refining your muscle tone.

The American Heart Association says that a yoga-based model of fitness, combined with a heart-healthy diet, prevents or even partially-reverses heart disease.

Yoga is useful during smoking cessation because of its stress-reducing properties.

If you’re tired all the time, yoga helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Multiple studies have shown that yoga lowers the risk of obesity and helps people maintain a healthy long-term weight.

Yoga is incredibly beneficial for patients diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Even cancer patients found they had a better outlook on their current situation when they practiced yoga regularly.

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