Featured Video: Stroke Awareness

Learn The F.A.S.T. Signs And 10 Symptoms Of Stroke Over-React To Stroke · National Stroke Association · American Stroke Foundation · YoungStroke.org · Donate Stroke is a brain attack. It occurs when blood vessels in the brain (arteries) are blocked or burst, preventing the brain from getting the necessary blood supply. Strokes can kill brain […]

Featured Video: Better Speech And Hearing Awareness

Better Speech And Hearing Awareness: IdentifyTheSigns.org · Audiology.org NJ Audiologists · NJ Speech/Language Pathologists Sources: American Speech-Language-Hearing Assoc.; American Academy of Audiology In seeking to educate the public about the early warning signs of communication disorders and the benefits of early intervention, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) welcomes Baby Navigator as its newest partner. Baby […]