Brick: Farmer’s Market Returns With New Vendors


The Brick Township Farmers’ Market was slated to open on May 7; however, it was pushed back due to the weather, which also threatened the following Saturday. But since May 21, many visitors have made their way out to Windward Beach to check out local farmers, producers, artisans and more.

“We always expect a big crowd for the market — we average about 1,200 guests every market,” says Recreation Department coordinator Christine Hessenkemper, who has been organizing the market since 2015. “Even when it’s raining the number may go down, but when you add it up, we average about that many people per week,”

This year, Hessenkemper says that the Market has a lot of surprises as several new vendors have joined the roster. “This year we have a lot more vendors who are coming in — about 57 of them. We have a couple new farmers that joined the market this year, and a new distillery!

“What’s also new this year is that the last Saturday of every month, we opened the Market up to artisan crafters. We have a glass blower with glass work and someone who is selling pottery.” In addition to the new vendors, live music is scheduled to perform at the market once or twice a month.

Among the new vendors joining the Brick Township Farmers’ Market:

Orchardside Farm – Fresh in-season vegetables and farm to table fresh prep salads and grain basted entrees.
BBQ on Wheels Catering – Smoked chicken, pork ribs, smoked turkey breast.
Little Box Farms – Micro greens, nut-free vegan pesto, salad blends.
Dachshund Distilling – Artisan rum.

A full list of vendors can be found on the Brick Township Farmers’ Market website.

“We also have the volunteer youth club that’s there every Saturday to help shoppers with their bags if things get too heavy. They go around with a wagon and help bring goods to the customers’ cars. This year they were handing out reusable bags too,” Hessenkemper says.

“I give a big thank you to the mayor, the council and the administration for supporting the Farmers’ Market 100%; and the Parks Department and Public Works for maintaining the parking lot, making sure the park looks good. It’s a team effort with the Market!”

The Brick Township Farmers’ Market is open on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. until September 24.

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