Middletown: Ambulatory Surgery Center To Open

Source: NJ Biz.com
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center held a ribbon-cutting for its first outpatient surgery center in the Garden State in Monmouth County this week.
The facility is still waiting on approval from the Department of Health in order to begin operating, which MSK anticipates by Dec. 12, according to a statement from MSK.
The new MSK Monmouth also has an adjacent 50,000-square-foot facility that includes a data center.
The data center will house 1,200 servers and provide a centralized location for MSK’s information technology needs, including physician orders, electronic medical records, real-time access to clinical data during surgery and appointment scheduling, according to MSK.
The center is a combination of relocated hardware from Manhattan and Lyndhurst, aided by an $8 million grant from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. This includes a relocation of more than 100 staffers from both former locations, as well as potential job growth in 2017.
“The opening of MSK Monmouth reinforces our longstanding commitment to the residents of New Jersey,” said Craig Thompson, CEO and president of MSK. “We are deeply moved and appreciative of the welcome we have received from the county, Middletown Township officials and the surrounding communities, and we look forward to welcoming patients very soon.”

The new 120,000-square-foot center, located in Middletown, is the second outpatient center in the state, but the first to offer surgical procedures and rehabilitation outside Manhattan. However, any operation requiring multinight stays will still be completed in the city.

José Baselga, MSK’s physician-in-chief and chief medical officer, said the location and MSK’s growing presence in the state offer what local medical centers can’t.
“What may be considered uncommon or rare in the overall medical community is usually not so uncommon or rare at MSK,” Baselga said in a statement. “We have specialists in diseases that most community medical centers are not able to treat with the same level of expertise. We often have more familiarity in dealing with the disease and its complications and in deciding which therapy may be most appropriate. In addition, we understand better the toxicity of those therapies and can manage patients through them. That also takes judgment and experience.”
MSK said 20 percent of the patients it has are from Monmouth County and surrounding communities.
“This is a modern-day house call,” said Elizabeth Jewell, regional surgical director for MSK Monmouth and MSK Basking Ridge. “We are bringing the highest quality of care, renowned experts and technological advances right to our patients’ front doors. It’s so fulfilling to give back to my community.”

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